Spring 2018

UGC 112 World Civilisations II

Instructor: Mark A. Lempke

This module has some changes every semester as Prof Lempke is the type of teacher who actively takes in students suggestions and tries to implement them in the future classes. For instance, for the last semester, the students could submit in all four quizzes and book papers but for this semester he specifically changed that to three out of four. Apart from that the books which the semester I was in (which is spring 2018) compared to earlier batches are sort of different. Well this module isn’t offered for the following semester which is summer, heard that it’ll be back again in Fall 2018.

Dr Lempke’s classes are really similar to how Prof Bennett teaches (oh if you didn’t know they’re married ahhaha), he uses a lot of slides, followed with a detailed lecture and explains them. Actually, if you’ve taken Prof Bennett’s classes, you’ll find the similarities a lot more then. Personally, I think he speaks faster than prof Bennett so the first few classes can be a bit like “whaaaat in your mind”, at least haha that’s how most of my classmates were.

For his class structure there were a total of 4 book papers and quizzes but for this this time he made us do any 3 from the both (quite different from the class earlier cause heard that they even if they screwed up for one of the book papers, he allowed you to write one more). This time he was quite specific in that and repeatedly emphasized, partly because he mentioned about the large class strength and it becomes a mess to correct all four at the end.

 So, unlike Prof Halliday’s classes (btw the other professor taking ugc 112), you’ll NOT need to get any textbook, as everything is based on the slides and his lectures. Prof Lempke really gives out a lot of free credits mostly through attendance quizzes or sometimes if he just feels generous enough haha! His quizzes are usually a mix of mcq’s and long answer questions and oh yes, watch out for those bonus questions. His bonus questions tend to vary from each semester to semester so for the one which I was in, he mainly focused on the random bits of lectures while he was speaking during the in class lectures.

Now, the challenging part of this module comes through while writing for the book papers. Note: it’s hard because prof Lempke does not give out much of his opinions on what an ideal book paper should be, although YES, he does give out a sample for the first book paper but yeah it totally depends if you follow that structure or not.  Apart from that Prof Lempke does give an introduction to the story plots before the assignment is due so as to give a clear idea on what you’re about to write. Note: this is really helpful so pay extra attention to these parts of the class lectures

 In terms of the course substance, well considering its history so expect a lot of names and details you know it haha. Oh, and note-: a really nice thing to remember is that for his quizzes he never tests the date of the historical event. But yes, be mindful of the particular names and processes.

My grade for this course: B+


SOC 357 Race, Crime & Criminal Justice

Instructor: Watoii Rabii

I’ll have to say Prof Watoii is those traditional type of lecturers (which I found him a bit strict initially but after the first two weeks of classes you’ll get used to his style of teaching) What I mean by traditional is that? He does not allow any electronics to be used inside of the classes which also means you gotta write down all your notes and you are not allowed to speak when the lecture is ongoing. Apart from his traditional methods of teaching, Prof Watoii is also super passionate with his teaching. Side note- I mean aren’t all the best teachers always the most strictest ones too?  And also, apparently, this is only his second or third time coming to teach here in sim, so he’s quite a bit of new professor in that sense.

For this class we had three exams of 20 % , six quizzes which was 10% each, six in class assignments also of 10% each and the main component a writing assignment of 20%. Sounds pretty crazy right haha, yeah that’s what many of my friends said on the first day of class. Actually  the first week can be quite intensive, but looking at it in terms of long run it isn’t that bad actually. You get used to the way how his classes go by, and I feel all those mini quizzes which he keeps gives you a boost up for the exam which will come the following week.For the quiz material, he usually uploads a study sheet which covers all the major points of the class. This class does not need a textbook, as there WILL be plenty of other readings to do.

Apart from that, Prof Watoii tries to be really organized with his content. He’s the type of professor who uploads the class content on time and personally found his separate folder keeping of information really useful. Probably cause it’s my first time seeing this done by a professor? His exams are usually in the mcq pattern style.

Now the main thing which he stresses on in the first day of the class will be the writing assignment. His writing assignment are basically questions which are put in such a way that you summarize what the entire course is about based on the reading materials from the first to the last lecture.  Honestly it’s quite an easy assignment to get an A/A- . The most important tip for this would on being clear on what you want to write and it’s really alright if you don’t keep in extra materials as so much as he was okay with the idea, as he mentioned for an interesting paper.

 Overall, his teaching is really fantastic. He’s really patient with his teaching. A couple of times some of the students didn’t really get the concept of what he was teaching (side note: Prof Watoii speaks really fast and I feel faster than Prof Lempke!)  and instead of asking the student to come after class to resolve the doubt, he very carefully explained with a series of examples, which I thought it was really nice rather than rushing to finish the remaining lecture off. Yeah, his teaching methods are more towards that traditional side, but at the end of the day you really learn what’s being taught in class.

I don’t think Prof Watoii will be taking any classes in summer 2018, he might be back for fall though. I’d totally go for another class of his if I ever do get a chance again! 🙂

My grade for the course: B+