List of SIM-UB Modules Reviewed

For easy reference…

COM 101 Principles of Communication, by Amanda Lohiser

COM 125 Introduction to the Internet, by Abel Choy

COM 205 Research Methods, by Arun Vishwananth

COM 217 Communication in Organisations, by Nicole Kashian

COM 225 Interpersonal Communication, by Carolyn Hurley

COM 231 Principles of Persuasion, by Allison Shaw

COM 236 Small Group Communication, by Mirit Shoham

COM 240 Survey of Mass Communication, by Helen Hua Wang

COM 326 Public Speaking, by Deepa Pillai

COM 337 Communication Theory, by Hui Kam Lin

COM 350 Introduction to the Age of Information, by Devan Rosen

COM 398 Journalism, by Khadijah Binte Seron

COM 438 Nonverbal Communication, by Mark Frank

COM 450 Political Communication, by Michael Stefanone

COM 451 Communication and Marketing, by Ray Monteverde

COM 492 Sexual Health Communication, by Lance Rintamaki

CSE 111 Great Ideas in Computer Science, by Sally Yong

ESL 407 Written English I, by Gael Lee

ESL 408 Written English II, by Letchimi Veeron Karuppiahya

KOR 101 First-Year 1st Semester Korean, by Han Eun Hee

MUS 113 Music in Society: Music and Gender, by Jeremy Leong

NTR 108 Human Nutrition, by Sonal Manek

NTR 109 Nutrition in Practice (online course), by Melissa Chabot

NTR 110 Nutrition in Practice, by Natalie Goh

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology, by Yeap Lay Leng

PSY 101 Introductory Psychology, by Dr Reena

PSY 322 Abnormal Psychology, by Stephen Tiffany

PSY 331 Social Psychology, by Joshua Redford

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology, by Lim Lanyu

SOC 294 Basic Statistics for Social Sciences, by Radhi Raja

UGC 111 World Civilisation 1, by Heather Bennett

UGC 112 World Civilisation 2, by Mark Lempke






4 thoughts on “List of SIM-UB Modules Reviewed

  1. Hello 🙂 I enrolled in UB comms too! Actually I have some questions to ask u because I can’t decide between comms and marketing. Is it ok to have your email?:)


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